The Round House / Virgil "Cappy" Lafournais

Virgil Lafournais is the best friend of Joe Coutts. They are about the same age, meaning that Cappy was born in the mid-seventies and that he was 13-14 in the summer of 1988. Over the course of the summer, he falls in love with Zelia whom he has sex with in the church basement.

When Joe finds out that Linden, his mother’s rapist, spends a lot of his time on the golf course, he and Cappy take Doe Lafournais’ rifle and go looking for him. Joe shoots at Linden, but does not make a lethal shot. Cappy takes the gun and shoots Linden.

Later, when Joe, Cappy, Angus, and Zack go on a road trip, they get into a car accident and Cappy dies. Joe feels guilty and thinks that Cappy’s death might have been due to his inability to shoot Linden himself, or even the very decision to avenge his mother in the first place.