The Plague of Doves / Cordelia Lochren

Cordelia Lochren was the first female doctor of Pluto. She was the only survivor of the Lochren murders of 1911. Her life was saved by Cuthbert Peace (who was subsequently hanged for supposedly having killed the Lochren family himself). She was adopted by Electa and Oric Hoag.

When she is in her thirties, in the 1940s, she starts a long-term affair with Antone Bazil Coutts who is seventeen at the time. In order to get away from him, however, she marries Ted Bursap, a general contractor who has jobs in Pluto and Hoopdance. He breaks down everything beautiful about Pluto and builds new apartment buildings  He dies from a bee sting.

In old age, Cordelia becomes the president of Pluto’s historical society and befriends Neve Harp in the Retirement Home. She finds out that, as a doctor, she had healed the Warren Wolde, who was the murderer of her whole family. 

Cordelia Lochren