The Plague of Doves / Corwin Peace

Corwin Peace was born in the early 1950s, probably 1953 or 1954. He is in Evelina’s year in primary school in the mid-1960s. Evelina is very much in love with him until he shoves her one day on the playground. Evelina’s love for him is immediately extinguished, but they do meet romantically years later again, but no serious relationship follows. 

Throughout his youth, Corwin has difficulty keeping on the straight path and at one point he steals Shamingwa’s fiddle. When he returns is, Shamingwa becomes his musical teacher and Corwin turns out to be very talented. When Shamengwa dies, Corwin breaks the fiddle, revealing the message from Henri to Lafayette that show that the fiddle came down to Corwin through Shamengwa.

In the early seventies, Corwin is adopted by Geraldine and Antone Coutts. Corwin later, around 1975, has a child with Carleen Thunder, Zack Peace. Though he buys a bike for his son, he is hardly a presence as a father, traveling the country as a musician.

Corwin Peace