The Plague of Doves / Father Cassidy

After the death of Father Seraph Milk—in the early sixties, a man named Cassidy from Montana takes over his position as priest. He is described as a “big, whey-faced, pompous, and painfully hearty priest.” He is known as Father Hop Along because of his cowboy roots and his weird way of walking during Holy Mass.

After a few months, Cassidy notices that the strength of his parish is faltering, especially the piety of the old men of the reservation who prefer the ways of their tribal culture. He makes a total of three visits to the home of Clemence (Milk) Harp to try to convince Mooshum and Shamengwa to go to Holy Mass on Sundays, to no avail.

Years later—in the mid-seventies, when Shamengwa dies, Father Cassidy confuses Shamengwa with his brother and gives a sermon for Mooshum who isn’t dead yet and is present in the church.  When Mooshum does end up in the hospital later, Cassidy tries to pray for him, but is bullied away again. A year later, he leaves the parish and becomes a businesman, becoming very wealthy from selling beef internationally.

Father Cassidy