The Plague of Doves / Lafayette and Henri Peace

Lafayette and Henri Peace are brothers who are part of the first town-site expedition of Pluto somewhere in the 1870s or 1880s. They were hired as guides for the town-site expedition of which Joseph J. Coutts was also a member. 

They inherited a fiddle from their father and share it until 1888, when they decide to have a canoe race. The winner would get the fiddle. Henri cheats by taking a shortcut, but Lafayette never reachers the finish and is never found again, probably drowned. Henri feels guilty about his brother’s death and puts the fiddle in a canoe along with a letter and lets it loose on the lake.

Twenty years later, Shamengwa hears the fiddle in a dream and finds the canoe with the fiddle. Seventy years later, during Shamengwa’s funeral, the fiddle returns to Corwin Peace who is a descendant of Lafayette and Henri.  

Lafayette and Henri