LaRose / LaRose / Mirage

Mirage, or the first LaRose (b, 1828), was the daughter of Mashkiig and Mink. Her mother used to be very beautiful, but her husband once cut her face up so she became unrecognisable. Desperate, Mink sold her daughter to the the trader Mackinnon who molests her. With the help of Mackinnon’s clerk, Wolfred Roberts, she poisons Mackinnon and they both flee through the snow until they arrive at a village where they meet missionaries who send LaRose to boarding school.

She later marries Wolfred and has four children with him, among whom the second LaRose. They live happily for many years until the tuberculosis that she caught in boarding school catches up with her. Wolfred takes LaRose to Dr. Haniford Ames who tries to cure her. Sadly, she still dies and Haniford Ames takes her bones to continue his search for the cure.

LaRose / Mirage