The Round House / Mayla Wolfskin

Mayla Wolfskin is a young woman who, in the late-1980s, worked for the South Dakota government when she started an affair with the governor, Curtis Yeltow. She became pregnant of Yeltow and she went to Geraldine, who worked in the Tribal Offices, to ask her to keep hide a file that revealed that Yeltow was the father of the child. Mayla had received a lot of money from Yeltow to keep his parenthood a secret. 

Jealous and angry, Linden Lark, who also had a kind of romantic relationship with Mayla, kidnaps both Mayla and Geraldine. He assaults both women and kills Mayla, though Geraldine manages to escape. Afterwards, Geraldine identifies Mayla’s baby and is adopted by Mayla’s parents.

Mayla Wolfskin