The Plague of Doves / Holy Track

Charles “Holy Track” Everlasting Sky (b. 1898) is around 13 when his mother is taken away to a sanatorium and is adopted by Asiginak. He becomes a basket maker and is in learning to become a priest with father Severine Milk. 

Holy Track’s mother had asked Mooshum to fit two crosses to the underside of Charles’ boots so he would have God with him at all times, hence his nickname, “Holy Track.” 

One day in 1911, Holy Track and Asiginak were selling baskets when they came across Mooshum and Cuthbert who had been drinking together. They come by the house of the Lochrens and realise they have all been murdered. Asiginak wants to leave, but Cuthbert takes the crying baby from the house.

Later, it turns out that Mooshum told Eugene Wildstrand that they had been at the house and a lynching party is riled up to hang Asiginak, Holy Track, Mooshum and Cuthbert. Holy Track hides in the church, but is found. He is hanged from the old oak tree along with Cuthbert and Asiginak, though Mooshum is left alive.

Holy Track