The Plague of Doves / Octave Harp

Octave is Murdo’s brother who owned a very precious stamp collection. In the 1920s he was the president of the National Bank of Pluto. Obsessed, he tried to get hold of a stamp from Brazil and took the money from the bank to get over to Brazil, but he was apprehended at the border. He ended up in a New York City hotelroom where his brother persuaded him to come back to Pluto.

The money was restored, but Octave was broken over the fact that he did not get the stamp and committed suicide by drowning himself in a two-feet-deep puddle. He is said to have killed himself over a woman, but it was not as romantic as it is remembered by his cousin, Evelina. He committed suicide because the woman from Brazil did not sell her precious stamp to him. 

Octave Harp