The Round House / Grace and George Lark

The Larks are described as “the sort of people who trot out their relationship with “good Indians,” whom they secretly despise and openly patronize.” The Larks run a gas station near Hoopdance.

In 1938, Grace and George have twins, a boy and a girl, but at birth they consider the baby girl to be deformed and do away with her. Their daughter, Linda, is adopted by Betty and Albert Wishkob. Their son, Linden, does grow up with his parents.

Forty-five years later, in 1983-84, George has died and Grace tries to make contact with Linda, but it turns out she only wants Linda to give her kidney to Linden. After the surgery, in 1986, Grace tries to take possession of the Wishkob allotment by appealing for guardianship over her daughter. 

Judge Antone Bazil Coutts dismisses this appeal and the other Wishkob daughter, Sheryl, takes action to boycot the Lark gas station and helps Whitey Milk set up his own gas station near Hoopdance. As Grace’s enterprise is failing, her son, Linden, comes back from South Dakota and helps her mother run the gas station until she dies of a sudden aneurysm.

Grace and George Lark