The Round House / Linda Lark Wishkob

Linda Lark Wishkob is the adopted daughter of Betty and Albert Wishkob. She was born in 1938 and her parents, Grace and George Lark, tried to dump her somewhere as quickly as possible. Betty, who was a night janitor at the hospital, took Linda to her own home and raised her.

Linda, on all accounts, is very bad-looking. When she was formed, her whole body was deformed, but her Wishkob parents had kneaded her body until her limbs and skull became more normal. She works behind the counter at the post office. After her parents had passed away, Linda stays in their house. Her brothers and sister, Cedric, Albert Jr., and Sheryl all live off-reservation and agree that Linda can stay in the house.

After her biological twin brother assaults Geraldine and kills Mayla, Linda regrets having given her kidney to him. When Joe kills Linden, without Joe knowing it, Linda takes the murder weapon, a deer rifle, apart and hides all over the United States, driving from North Dakota to Georgia and back.

Linda Lark Wishkob