The Round House / Linden Lark

Linden Lark is the son of Grace and George Lark and the biological twin of Linda Lark. He was born in 1938, meaning he was fifty in the summer of 1988. 

Linden leads a largely debauchery life, coping with alcohol and drug addiction. He works petty jobs and eventually loses his job in South Dakota after which he returns to his mother’s gas station in North Dakota. 

In South Dakota, Linden worked for the Governor, Curtis Yeltow, who had started an affair with Linden’s girlfriend Mayla and had made her pregnant. To save face, Yeltow gives Mayla a large sum of money.

Geraldine, who tries to make Mayla’s child an enrolled member of the Chippewa reservation, is kidnapped by Linden who rapes her, murders Mayla, all because he wants the money for himself.  

Linden lays low for a while, but once it is clear he cannot be prosecuted due to the limits of tribal jurisdiction, he appears again. Joe kills him.

Linden Lark