The Round House / Sonja

In 1988, Sonja is the girlfriend of Whitey. Her mother was a stripper who told her she wasn’t worth anyone’s attention. Sonja also became a stripper, but stopped when she started seeing Whitey. She already had a daughter whom she called Murphy. She thought no one named Murphy could ever become a stripper, but she changed her name to London and became one anyway.

After Joe finds the money that belonged to Mayla Wolfskin, he brings it to Sonja and they divide the money in different bank accounts across Pluto and Hoopdance. Sonja promises that Joe can go to college with this money. Joe, however, is in love with Sonja and accidentally treats her inconsiderately by objectifying for his own desire. Sonja confronts him, saying that she has had enough man around her who treat her like an object. She leaves Whitey, taking a big chunk of the money, but still leaving enough for Joe to go to college.